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How To Burn Extra Calories?

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Activity and movement is necessary to ensure effective results when following a balanced diet plan. While exercising is the most effective way to ensure calorie burn, not everyone has enough time or motivation to do so. We have decided, therefore, to provide you some tricks on how you can stay active and burn extra calories following your usual routine.

Clean Your House.

Cleaning your house is not only a good idea to make it shiny and cozy – cleaning is particularly good if you try to put your body in it. Do everything with extra energy and extra moves, – turning on music might also be a good idea just to make sure that the right mood for active cleaning is there.

Ankle weights while grocery shopping.

Keep ankle weights in your car and put them on while you are shopping or doing another activity that involves 15 – 20-minute walk.

Park your car further.

When it comes to driving to work, grocery store, restaurant, or any other location you are trying to reach, find a further spot to park your car. Even 100 additional meters will allow you to walk and move more.

Stand at the office.

When it comes to working at the office – sitting the whole day in front of your computer takes away the chance to move. However, try to switch your working position from sitting to standing every 30 minutes or so. If your workspace does not have an adjustable table, try finding a spot where you can stand, or simply take calls / online meetings standing or walking around the office.

Use stairs as often as possible.

We all know that elevators save time and energy to get to the desired floor. However, if you need to climb only 3-6 floors – use stairs instead. Your body will thank you and you will burn these extra calories. Active weekends. When it comes to your weekend, try to plan in a way that it allows you to rest but remain active. If you are planning a nice dinner with your friends in the evening – go hiking during the day, go to museums or use any other walk included exploration of surroundings.

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