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Sophie J.
I am so happy I found this … I must say I am a fan of meal plans, but so many of them are impossible to follow because of complexity, or products I have no idea what they are ?! This offered me such a pleasant experience and I am happy with the results I am seeing.
Marrisa B.

This helped me so much with may day to day meal planning! I never thought I can eat such a delicious food and still loose weight. Thank you!

Sophie J.

I love how effective your meal plan has been! Keeping track of my calories has never been so easy. I love how simple and not time consuming it is. Will update you soon with the results!

People often ask

    You will receive access to your personalized meal plan right after payment.

We totally get it, and that’s why we made sure that our Meal Plans are as similar to the regular menu as possible. We believe that even those who live off fast food will be satisfied with both the meals and the results, and never feel hungry.

Sure thing! Nutrition is the most important element in weight loss. However if you incorporate workouts, your body will get more toned and defined. We know it’s a lot to take on, and the workouts are extremely easy, suitable for first-timers, and will take up barely any time.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We believe that our plan may work for you and you’ll get visible results in 4 weeks! We even are ready to return your money back if you don’t see visible results and can demonstrate that you followed our plan. Find more about applicable limitations in our money-back policy.

PLEASE NOTE: After your first 1-Month plan period, unless you cancel in sufficient time to process your request before the end of the period (which may take up to 3 days), your subscription will renew automatically and you will be charged $28.56, the full not discounted price. Subscriptions renew automatically at the end of each period unless you cancel by contacting our support team or otherwise as may be applicable. If you are unsure how to cancel, visit our Cancellation terms. You may want to take a screenshot of this information and save it.

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